Who We Are

Galactic Gold was founded in Rockland County with 3 goals in mind: sustainable bee management, the free spread of bee information, and the production of quality bee products. Galactic Gold has a single beekeeper on staff, although we work in partnership with multiple other corporations in the area to form a small group of beekeepers with over 30+ years of experience. We currently manage, or assist in the care of, 24 apiaries spanning 6 counties. In addition, countless other residents in our home county and beyond utilize our services to aid in their own beekeeping operations. Our connection with the community has evolved beyond anything we could have imagined.


When it comes to beekeeping, we take great pride in our work and treat each bee with the utmost respect. This means we strategically utilize smoke, always leave excess honey for the bees, and practice time-tested methods that ensure as little disruption as possible to the colony. These practices have yielded an average 1% loss of bees compared to the national average of 48%. Our methodology and data is available for free to any interested beekeepers in the hope that they will be able to have similar success.


Our bee products include cosmetics, honey and starter colonies. Galactic Gold Cosmetics include body butter, salt scrub, lip balm, soap and bath bombs. All cosmetics are produced entirely by hand and contain a number of ingredients propriety to Galactic Gold, such as our propolis tincture, beeswax, and essential oils. This allows us to ensure the highest quality possible at an affordable price. Galactic Gold Honey is never heated or blended with additives. The honey is removed from the hive and immediately placed into glass jars. However, we do not sell honeycomb as the production of wax, with the intention to harvest, can cause additional stress on a hive that we’d like to avoid. Galactic Gold Colonies are seasonally sold directly to local communities containing only bees raised in local Galactic Gold apiaries. Prior to sale, colonies are tested for temperament, productivity and genetic diversity. Our bees are a hybrid created by Galactic Gold over decades without the introduction of non-local genetics, allowing for bees acclimated to northeastern climates.


If you’re seeking a service, such as swarm removal, bee education, apprenticeships, or unanswered questions, feel free to use the contact us page. If you’d like to learn more about the bees visit our gallery with photo descriptions that reveal just a little bit more about the inner workings of a hive.